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Anonymous asked:

I think I have ADHD. Everybody says that I'm like a hyper puppy & I have the attention span of a gnat! I don't even know what that is! I can never sit still & am always in trouble&forgetting things like homework. Im supposed to be studying right now!

Well a couple things :D

Gnats are those tiny little flies that group together and follow you around if you have the unfortunate luck of living somewhere hot and humid. :P

The best thing you can do is see a specialist or talk to your family doctor and see if they can refer you to someone to assess you. The real question is, how is ADHD affecting you negatively, and what are you doing to try and combat it? Also how is it affecting you negatively?

Lots of teenagers are unorganized, hyper, and have low attention spans, you could be typical. It’s a pretty typical growing phase teens go through due to changing brain chemistry. You need to be seriously trying to fight the symptoms and trying to stay organized to the point of frustration before considering ADHD. ;) 

You can remember homework by getting a planner and writing assignments or making a special folder to keep homework in. Most forgetful issues are due to lack of organization. Granted it may not be perfect, but it will certainly help out. 


Anonymous asked:

Is it the general norm to be more subdued when you're on meds? Because it seems like the opposite for me. I have primarily inattentive type, and until I was diagnosed two years ago, I was always a shy, quiet person, and I suffered a lot of social anxiety. But since taking meds (adderall) I've become more expressive and outgoing, and I can relate to people better than before, although I've also taken on some more hyperactive type symptoms. Is it weird for meds to do that?

Well, it depends on the person. I was calmer on the meds and more focused. But remember that you are taking a stimulant medication, which is basically a very low dose of speed, so it can wake you up and give you more energy as well. 


Anonymous asked:

My grandaughter has ADHD since age 7 diagnosis. She has had many problems. How much hope is there that as she gets older it may become less severe.

How to answer this. It’s not that the symptoms fade, but you learn how to cope with them and live with them. Right now, she has no idea how to handle all that energy or how to make herself focus, which is probably causing her frustration (and also the root of all behavior problems). So… yes and no. 

The best thing you can do for your grand daughter is teach her coping skills, like organization and list making skills. How to schedule, how to make friends, etc… The energy does subside into a more socially acceptable energy, like climbing on furniture and bouncing off the walls turns into leg twitches or taking walks.

Does she have an outlet for her energy? I’d suggest a sport for her if she’s not already in one, with individual pacing, like swimming, gymnastics, karate, track, stuff like that. Although, I did dance as a kid, which is a group sport and I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed track and swimming more. 

I’m still as spacey, daydreamy, and fidgety as I was as a kid, but I also know how to work through it or put it to good use. My profession is an artist, which gives a huge outlet for my creativity. I have karate and exercise as an outlet for it. 

So yes, it gets better, no the symptoms don’t become less severe. If that makes sense. 

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